Anastasiya Klyueva was born in 1987. In 2009 graduated from the State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS), course of E. Y. Steblov. Diploma play — M. Gorkiy "Malva", role of Malva.


Confessions Game (2019),
directed by Oleg Asadulin

Blood (2017),
role of Lina,
directed by Artem Temnikov

Warsaw (2017),
role of wife,
directed by A. Puustusmaa

Rus'un Oyunu (2017),
role of Anastasia,
directed by Levent Ozdemir

Idiot (2016),
role of wife,
directed by Jonathan Cliffe

Golden Ring (2016, TV),
role of secretary,
directed by Alexey Smirnov

Sophia (2016, TV),
role of Bianca,
directed by Alexey Andrianov

These Eyes Opposite (2016, TV),
role of Milana,
directed by Sergey Komarov

Sweet Life, season 2 (2014, TV),
role of Lilya,
directed by Andrey Dzhunkovsky

The Golden Age of Russian Avant-garde (2014),
role of Lyubov Popova,
directed by Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke

Sweet Life, season 1 (2014, TV),
role of Lilya,
directed by Andrey Dzhunkovsky

Titus (2014),
role of Katya,
directed by Jonathan Cliffe

Funny Guys (2013—2014),
role of Stella,
directed by Alexey Bobrov

Studiya 17 / Studio 17 (2013, TV), TNT, 16 series,
role of Olya,
directed by S. Sentsov

Birth Day (2012, short),
directed by J. Cliffe

Oderzhimye / Obsessed (2012, short),
directed by I. Shu

Day of Fate (2012, short),
directed by S. Povarnitsyn

Without Dowry (2011, TV),
role of Karina,
directed by A. Puustusmaa

The Secret (2010, short),
directed by A. Zvyagintsev

We're going to winery (2009, short),
directed by M. Polyakov and N. Klyueva

Club (2007—2008, TV), seasons 5—7, MTV,
role of Polina,
directed by P. Bardin

Heat (2006), episode,
directed by R. Gigineishvili

"Praktika" Theatre Plays

Communicants (2010—2011),
stage director V. Ageev

Vera Polozkova "Poems about love" (2010—2011),
stage director E. Boyakov

Vera Pavlova "Poems about love" (2010—2011),
stage director E. Boyakov